Your cargo deliverd through Coevorden.

We handle your cargo through our hub in Coevorden. From Coevorden we are only 100KM away from the Ruhr area. All our current routes are shown in the image to the right.

Map with all connections
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Handling and storage

Up to 75,000 Teu can be transhipped annually on our 34,000m2 site. The terminal is equipped with 3 loading tracks, each more than 700m long. Every day, 100 to 150 trucks and 4 trains are handled.

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Waste handling

EVI recycling b.v. & Co. KG is one of Europes' most modern recycling companies. Big amounts of waste can be loaded directly from rail into the waste incinerator. The processed amount of waste represents at least 5% of the total quantity of the Dutch waste volume.

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Gravel handling services

General handling services: On our 20,000 m² area at the track curve divers materials can be loaded from road to rail an back. The area has four loading tracks of 275, 230, 230 and 170 meters´ length. Currently on this area military vehicles, tree trunks, large components and steel plates are loaded. Due to an industrial tent, weatherproofed loading is also possible.

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Forage handling services

H&S Logistic Services B.V. is exclusively loading animal feed on this area. To exhaust the liquid animal feed pipes were installed on the 500 and 280 meter long loading tracks. Big storage tanks for the liquid animal feed are at disposal on the area.

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Automotive handling services

Currently EuroTerminal provides 7,000 m² for loading any type of vehicles on trains. This area is strictly controlled and fenced in with a 2 m high fence with 30 cm barbed wire on top. Gates protect any access lanes as well as the loading tracks – EuroTerminal can control most of the gates electronically. The area is under surveillance around the clock from an external security firm and monitored by cameras and motion detectors. Up to 100 vehicles can be stored temporarily before or after transportation. Once a week one train with vehicles is leaving to Ennsdorf (close to Linz) in Austria. The harbor provides a space of 19,000 m² for the storage of vehicles. Up to 200 vehicles can be stored temporarily.

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Safety and security

EuroTerminal currently offers 34,000m2 for the storage and transhipment of Containers and Trailers. This area is completely fenced and monitored 24/7 by an external security company with cameras equipped with motion detectors and Infrared. EuroTerminal has had the AEO Safety (AEO-S) license for several years now. This permit contributes to the security of the entire logistics chain.

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