EuroTerminal can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Our trains have a lower energy consumption per unit than our trucks and release fewer emissions. In case of transportation of 80 20-foot container by truck from Europark to the port of Rotterdam, it releases 1.41 tons of carbon dioxide. If we transport the same by rail, it releases only 0.34 tons of carbon dioxide.

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We as Euroterminal Coevorden, Emmen and Hardenberg b.v. are a rail terminal doing our part to reduce Co2 emissions by using rail instead of road or air. The train is the most sustainable form of transport. Due to the large volumes that the train can transport, Co2 emissions are much lower compared to other modes of transport.

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Safety & Security

EuroTerminal currently offers 34,000m2 for the storage and transhipment of Containers and Trailers. This area is completely fenced and monitored 24/7 by an external security company with cameras equipped with motion detectors and Infrared.

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We combine the precision and flexibility of road transport with the speed and reliability of rail transport.

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Euroterminal cares about the environment.

We care about our environment. For that reason we choose low emission trains, quiet freight wagons and whenever possible electric locomotives. Our partner Kraftverkehr Emsland only uses trucks with current emissions standards (Euro 6) and quiet engines. The amount of electric cars is steadily increasing.

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EuroTerminal is connecting businesses across Europe.

Euroterminal connects with business partners and political actors from all over Europe, which allows the present range of our transport offers and a prompt connection of regional companies to many places in Europe. This way our business partners have the opportunity to deal unlimitedly with business partners from all over the world. Our cross-border terminal and our extensive European networks are the perfect tools for optimizing your business.

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At EuroTerminal we are proud to be European.

We are European! Our terminal space is cross-border and located right on the Dutch-German border. Cross-border cooperation is our daily work and our motivation. We feel European and we do it the European way. Our culture is trans-national and the majority of our personnel is either native Dutch or German. This diversity is a big advantage and makes our work better every day. There are very few places in Europe where the European idea is lived the way we do.

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